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(Beautiful Edmonton)

Hello I’m Steven

I’m just an artist who bought a little camera and chased people around a beautiful city called Edmonton for a few years. I took a few photos.

Steven Csorba

Artist + Paparazzi + Ninja

Well, maybe more like 75,000 photos.

Happy Accidents

You see, I just wanted to work-out, run some hills and stairs, do a “few” push-ups and burpees at NovemberProject Canada. Maybe even make some new friends and see a bit more of our city along the way. I never planned on taking 75,000+ photos of people and places in Edmonton or expected to make so many cherished friendships for life.

It was all an uncalcuated, happy little accident. What I discovered by sweating it out and taking snaps along the way was so magical, uplifting and inspiring – that it changed my life for the good.

And now I hope we can share this “good” with the world. It’s the very essence of YEGJoy – live here, experience our city and community will connect with you. 

Joy Power

The human spirit once elevated has a way of making you see the world and the things around you in a different way.

I’ve said it many times before; how lucky I am to be a part of NovemberProject Canada and to be able to take photos. The spirit of the people, the smiles, the laughter and well wishes helps you discover the spirit of our city and it’s beautiful urban landscape.

Call it “Joy Power” or whatever you want, but when your city becomes a playground filled with the positive vibes of people, high-5’s and sweaty hugs, it fills the air with a magical “light”. Your senses become elevated.

The process of taking photos becomes a flow from people to place. The two serve to strengthen each other in a collaboration that reveals how lucky we are to live here.

When the workout is over and you’re rushing to your local coffee house for a fix, you can’t help but notice how the morning light splashes up against a building or fills up the forest in our rivervalley. In all the quiet and stillness of the early morning everything is so beautiful and the excitement to extend these moments forever becomes a powerful force.


Edmonton is a place where people are thriving with passion and elevating the spirit of community, creativity, and innovation at a relentless pace. It’s Canada’s fastest growing city where people make things happen.

Entrepreneurially-minded, resilient, down-to-earth, young & talented, we have a proven track record. It’s the region of choice for companies on the grow.

Share Power

The power of positive uplifting photographic artistry can become visual art therapy for the world. 

Imagine tens of thousands of these images of Edmonton YEGJoy all over the world, showcasing and promoting the positive vibe of our transforming urban landscape and the talents, energy and hope of the people who live here.

Edmonton’s Economic Development President Brad Ferguson, wrote a blog post entitled “Strength Becomes Weakness”. The idea behind the post is that Edmonton, an entrepreneurial town with plenty of quiet money and community spirit, will never achieve its aim of becoming a globally-leading city if it doesn’t publicly share its strengths.

On this point, Ferguson asks “Could Edmonton’s humility be getting in the way of achieving its next stage of success?” In past years, the answer is a definitive “yes”. Things are changing now and I think you can see that in the spirit of these photographs.

YEGJoy presents a unique opportunity to let the world see that Edmonton is one of the greatest cities to thrive and make something in. 

Let’s share this power.

Proposed Applications

Steven Csorba

Artist + Cancer Survivor + Savvy DoGooder

Master of Visual Remix.

Artist Steven Csorba is a painter, printmaker and photographer. During an ten year span (2004-2014) Steven used visual art therapy as a tool to help survive cancer. He created a vast and unprecedented body of work that celebrates a bold expressionism and optimistic edge.

His goal is to use all means of art making and appropriation in an attempt to transgress the broadest possible comprehension of our world today.

Sketched-out, handpainted, old-school meets new, re-mixed, digitally re-composed and negated, painted and textured, re-mixed again, recycled and so on. His process of art making is a fluid and organic process where the daunting task of visual remix presents an infinite amount of options – unique, powerful works of art that represent a boundless energy, a cultural recombination of images from all corners of the world. He borrows images from the depths of art history as well as from art influences and trends that are only minutes old and often original to the artist himself.

For Steven it’s all about taking the positive energy he can find and through his art and persona – elevating visual experience to higher levels. The powerful energy seen in his art represents the heroic struggle all cancer survivors go through and projects the drive and depth of a person who knows life is precious.

Community Champion.

As a longtime Edmontonian Steven has devoted countless hours of community service and encourages others to give back and make community strong. If he has a chance to help others, he does so with all his energy – like it’s the last day of his life.

There as focus in every waking moment, a kind of deep-truth view that gives cruisers-through life pause for thought. In a nutshell, he’s an artist who kicked cancer’s ass and believes the idea of “community” should be redefined as “the abundance we all have inside ourselves to help others”.

As the chair of iHuman’s capital project, All In! Edmonton he led and convinced countless corporate sponsors to come together to build a safe place for endangered traumatized youth to turn their life around through creativity and community building.

During the past ten years – through the donation of his art and as a dedicated savvy do-gooder, Steven has helped raise over $5 Million for a variety of charities in Alberta. In 2014 an original work of art that he donated to the Buchanan Centre for Parkinson’s Disease – auctioned off for $260,000.

See more of Steven’s art here


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